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Website Builders: Google, Wix, wordpress

Website Builders: Google, Wix, wordpress

What are best website builders?

If you have ever taken a look into trying creating a website for yourself or your company, you may have stumbled through many websites which talked about web development Cyprus, and may have read about PHP, Apache, CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and many other strange words and terms.

While those things are all important for creating websites and servers, they aren’t really that important to you, unless, of course, you are a web developer. If what you want is to create a website for yourself or your company, or just create a fancy blog with its own domain, what you should be looking into are website builders.

Website builders are software that allow you to create a website without knowing how to code. They normally give you a basic structure and some widgets, which you can then place and customize the way you want. Normally, you have access to a free version with less customization options, and paid versions which give many more features. Other builders may give you many basic models and themes and then allow you to customize them, and may also have subscription models.

Which one to choose will depend on what your objectives are. Let’s take a look at some common website builders so you can figure out what to do.

Google Sites

Google Sites is probably one of the simplest out there. Its websites tend to be simpler, being more vertical than horizontal, but that isn’t necessarily bad. That is the current trend after all. It has a ready to use free version which you can check out its interface and widgets and even put it online for other people to use, but it is limited to the Google Sites domain.

Its main objective, however, is to create professional websites for your company. It comes as part of the Google Workspace, a really cheap subscription plan which gives your company access to the more advanced features of many Google products, including Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, among others. Although you can’t get it separately, you really won’t need to get other productivity software after getting the Workspace.

Wix Site

Wix is another pretty simple website maker. It is pretty similar to Google Sites, in that it uses a drag-and-drop interface and aims at allowing people to create websites without needing to learn how to code. However, as it is the main product of the Wix company, they devote a lot more time and resources to it, meaning it has many more features and styles.

In the end, Wix website is a pretty flexible builder, and can be used to create basically anything: blogs, portfolios, online stores, landing pages, and much more. And, of course, it has a free plan which allows you to publish a free website under the Wix domain, and paid options which give you much more freedom.


WordPress website is probably the best known website builder out there, although it isn’t exactly known as a website builder. That is because its focus is much more on managing the website than actually creating it. It features many different free themes which you can try out and apply to your website, each with different capabilities, and you can change their colors, widgets and images using WordPress’s customization wizard.

However, it comes in two different flavors:, which is an online website builder and hosting platform, and, which is a server software, meaning you can install it in website hosting services. The first one has subscription plans which can enable more features, but the second one is the one that brings the best results.

Put it anywhere and it is basically the full experience of, with the added feature that the website is pretty much totally yours: you are free to edit the source code and customize your theme the way you want, or even buy themes for other people in your website! You don’t even have to make the website yourself.

Although WordPress is mainly aimed at creating WordPress blogs, its themes are very flexible and the software allows you to install plugins of many different kinds. It is probably the most advanced website builder, but it also gives some great results.