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Millennials Changing The Job Market

Millennials changing the Job Market: Explained

How are Millennials upgrading to better jobs in 2021 – Millennials changing the Job Market

As the pandemic wanes, new opportunities start to appear. Tourism is regaining traction, music venues are reopening, restaurants are getting more people. And with this, many more job opportunities are opening up. As Millennials currently comprise a large section of the workforce (35%), and are pretty much the younger generation to take part in it (along with the older of the Zoomers), they are also the ones more open to take risks.

Let’s see what they are doing in these new times.


Every generation in its youth tends to job-hop. Not everyone manages to find their dream career on their first try. With Millennials this is no different, but compared to previous generations they don’t job-hop as much.

Is that because they are happy with their jobs? Nope. A large part is just indifferent, meaning they aren’t happy enough to just leave it, but is always open to better opportunities. They don’t tend to see their job as the main part of their lives, but as something that enables them to keep their quality of life and do the things they actually like to do in their spare time.

On the other hand, some others are actually looking for their dream job, something they really like doing and are willing to put effort into. Some may have gone through college and realized they didn’t really like what they graduated in and may even be open to completely different career prospects. Many people are completely lost regarding what they want for their lives and are looking for something that puts them in the right direction.

Higher standards

So, when they are looking for another job, they aren’t as interested in higher wages, more recognition, leadership positions and opportunity for growth as much as they are looking for better benefits (such as health insurance), less workload and more flexible hours. Meaning that attracting Millenials and keeping them in the company is much harder than with older generations. You may also Know: Top Paying Tech Jobs

This is, of course, a reflection of the cultural and economical change that happened while Millennials were growing up. They got very indebted during college, saw people facing problems due to health insurance (or got into those problems themselves), were part of the gig economy, participated in human rights movements such as Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion and have great solidarity with other Millennials, independent artists, and content creators. What they are looking for is a way to live a peaceful life and make other people’s lives a bit better.

Open to self-growth

However, their openness to new experiences is their greatest advantage in this matter. Being young and unhappy with their current careers, they are willing to learn new skills and face new challenges in order to get a better job.

Many big companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are already taking advantage of this. If you need to get new people into positions with more specific responsibilities and you have the capital to provide benefits and training, Millennials are a great fit.

This also means that they are bound to become the forefront of early-adopter technology, as this gives them the exact flexibility one needs in order to get into those new kinds of devices, even if they do not have a lot of background in the field.


Their solidarity and more altruistic point of view also makes a them a great fit for jobs which focus more on cooperating with their coworkers instead of competing with them for a position. This makes them great for companies based around creativity, innovation and the creation of projects based around ad-hoc teams, especially if they have no rigid hierarchy.

While they aren’t as ambitious as their older counterparts tend to be, this also means that they are less prone to conflicts and value having a more comfortable workspace and forming strong ties with their coworkers, as well as aiming at making the company grow as a whole, provided that they do so in a sustainable and equitable way.

These next quarters and early 2022 seem to be the best time for Millennials get an upgrade on their jobs and quality of life, and companies worldwide better be ready for it.