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Top Paying Tech Jobs 2021

Top Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

Top Paying Tech Jobs 2021

Looking for new career prospects in technology? The times are good for people who keep up-to-date with technological development and aren’t afraid to delve into emerging fields. While the pandemic slowed things down, technologic and scientific developments never stopped, and not even the worldwide chip shortage is able to prevent this.


All of the jobs described here are able to give you upwards of 100,000 dollars per year, not to mention other possible benefits. Many of them involve knowledge about newer technologies, but others are also older jobs which are in high demand. Check them out:

AI Specialist

We are in the age of artificial intelligence, thanks to the development of tools like machine learning and deep learning that make it much easier to create them. You can see that in the many efforts made to automate everyday things using those technological marvels, such as Tesla’s self-driving cars, identifying user preferences in social media and online stores, face recognition, chatbots, among many others.

And, in order to create an AI and put it to work for you, you need someone who knows their ins-and-outs and is able to lead a team to develop and train them. And there aren’t many of these people out there.

Cloud Engineer

The cloud is overtaking the computing and storage world and that is extremely understandable. Why would you invest a lot of money into computational infrastructure for your company and have to deal with the headache caused by technical failures, power outages and other problems when out there are thousands of companies specialized in doing just that?

While using the cloud can bring many technical benefits to a company, it is also no easy task. You need to able to manage systems and resources in a group of servers whose location is pretty much unknown, and you will depend a lot on the internet to make it work. That’s why you need someone with experience on the cloud – a cloud engineer.

Product Manager

This one is an already well known position in most companies, but that doesn’t make it any less important or relevant today.

The product manager is the person in charge of developing a product, leading the team that is responsible for making it a reality. It carries with it great responsibility: the right product can bring a company to the stars, the wrong product can give lasting financial impacts.