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Wifi Pineapple

Wifi Pineapple

WiFi Pineapple uses and its latest version



What is WiFi Pineapple?

Hacking culture and data thefts have prevailed in our society with the advent and rapid progress of technology. It has become increasingly essential for us to secure our data. For our convenience, various network security administrators are working to ensure the safety of the users. They conduct pentesting tasks that are similar to ethical hacking. These tests help to scrutinize and analyze the security system’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which allows the illegal hackers in the system exploitation. 

Penetration tests are easily carried out with the help of WiFi Pineapple

WiFi Pineapple is a wireless auditing device from Hak5 that helps ethical hackers or security administrators to conduct pen-testing. 

WiFiEngineers of Hak5 created WiFi Pineapple in 2008 to facilitate security admins and make advanced pentesting convenient.

Working of a WiFi Pineapple

WiFi Pineapple works in a relatively simple way. The device behaves as a hotspot honeypot and acts as a man in the middle. It stays transparent to the user. The user connects to the honeypot, not the actual wireless access. It inspects the data flow between the user and the network. The honeypot then transmits the SSID of the wireless location you have connected to. You may also Know: Religion Uses Technology To Influence and Control

The other way that WiFi Pineapple works is by artificially connecting you to a WiFi hotspot you might have used in the past. It might be your workplace WiFi or home WiFi. The device examines all the WiFi access points and tricks the user to automatically connect to the fake WiFi without revealing the actual SSID or network number. The user assumes they have connected to it in the past since the auto-connect feature is enabled. After the user is connected to the WiFi, the WiFi Pineapple collects all the required information, including the network SSID and other data. 

Uses of WiFi Pineapple

WiFi Pineapple is used for the following purposes:

Penetration Testing:

WiFi pineapple is used for Penetration testing. The features offered by the device are easily accessible and powerful. Users can easily download the suite of testing modules called PineAP. It provides logging, tracking, and reporting tools that can efficiently conduct the MitM attacks. 

Various companies hire professionals to carry out pentesting to audit their network and secure their networks. 

With tools provided by WiFi Pineapple, pentesting is convenient.


When the WiFi Pineapple gains access to the targeted network, it can even hack the user’s device, including the personal information and passwords. Therefore, the users must not connect to public networks or use a VPN. 

The latest version of WiFi Pineapple

Hak5 has come up with a brand new version of WiFi pineapple device called WiFi Pineapple Mark VII. The latest version offers impeccable performance ranging from an easy-to-use user interface with a massive application ecosystem, supercharging your workflow. It also allows penetration testing and Cloud C2 for obtaining remote access to a device not within your range from anywhere. It also makes MIT attacks easier. Another impressive feature of Mark VII is, it doesn’t need any software installation. It is now accessible on Windows, OS, and Android.