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Web Technology - The Maker of Chaos

Web Technology – The Maker of Chaos

Web Technology

The Greek word χάος means “emptiness, or a vast void, and abyss or chasm. Also referred to as space, it can also mean infinite darkness or a volume of air.

The overwhelm of chaos that online best technology websites can bring to daily life also attracts the exact opposite.
Within the vast mess of fintech, artificial intelligence, Omnichannel’s death, social media bombardment and the rise of clean energy, there are consecrated digital warriors clearing the fog for us spectators by satisfying the curiosity of our imagination. 

How It Works

Filling the void of chaos requires labels that give us structure and guidance, full disclosure of what is to come…

‘User Experience’ and ‘User Interface’ creative directors are the architects of ideal attraction. The surprise, they are the spark that starts the fire.

‘Front-End-Developers’ breath life into the attraction. From the digital canvas in the Internet’s tapestry, to the functional interaction with the visitor.

‘Back-End-Developers’ create the magic. The effects, the nuts, and bolts turn the idea into reality keeping the viewer interested long after they arrive.

‘IOS and Android developers’ make the magic happen on our phones.

Who Needs It?

Whether it is a small business, an employee task, or a mass deployment the likes of Skype, Tinder, Whatsapp, etc. After more than two decades in this industry I have found if you boil them down and distill the essence of people enough, only two types of people emerge. They can be the first type, the second, or a combination of the two.

The ‘Results Ferret’ (First type). The confident and powerful person that exudes an entrepreneurial spirit that takes charge of every situation, who doesn’t take no for an answer, and is not afraid to burn bridges. I use the ferret as an example because of their unending resolve. – Once a ferret sets its eyes on a target, the ferret will even put itself in harm’s way just to get to that target.
The Results Ferret will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even launching their product or service with minimal features just to prove to themselves that they’ve done it.
The final behavior this type radiates is that their in it for the ‘Quick-Buck’. The once-off deal and rarely, if ever thinks beyond the current project.

The ‘Delusion Magnet’ (Second type). An amazing networker and illusionist level spinner of words, rarely their own but rather a set of building blocks from other sources. Can never be satisfied or trust anyone, including themselves. This interesting subject cannot accept the completion of anything and will draw out the final result indefinitely by sabotaging the final outcome in the most blatant of ways just to have the final ‘say’ to get what they want, which is impossible as what they want changes from moment to moment. If the final result is actually achieved, The Delusion Magnet will resort to sneaky methods if the blatant sabotage methods are not effective.
This person will almost never complete a task. In the process will set a fire under all their contacts and give them ideas on how to improve their own products and/or services.

The ‘Master Entrepreneur’ (The combined type). When creativity and discipline meet for sustained success. 30% Creative and 70% Discipline perhaps, no one knows the exact formula or percentage of creativity vs discipline that is needed for ultimate success, but when both are involved, there is often a greater possibility for well-monetized project completion.

Who Wins Within Chaos?

The alphanumeric knights in the trenches fighting the battle to defeat time itself supplied the completed masterpieces to be revealed to the world. Who are they fighting this battle for?

The answer is ‘YOU’ win.  Everyone at some time or another favored a feature that was missing in their beloved app. Or wanted a new app to solve a problem. You too can be the Master Entrepreneur.

The Master Entrepreneur chooses wisely, taking the time to explore the most attractive options. Their choice to engage with the most effective team of individuals that win battles. This places the decision-maker at a unique advantage, by having a professional teamwork on their vision and draw it into reality.

The Decision

The call-to-action, identifying the ideals and morals then acting on the choice made begins the process of manifesting the idea into a tangible, useful tool, or widget that makes a difference in people’s lives.
Prompting action is all it takes to produce something that makes a difference. What will you create? What will your next decision be?