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What Is Social Engineering? And How Can I Protect Myself?

What Is Social Engineering

Social engineering is a term used to describe a broad range of deceptive techniques, everything from hacking into a computer system to getting someone to reveal confidential information or even manipulating people into doing something they would not normally do.

It is also known as people hacking.

Social engineering comes in many forms, but the basic idea is that you are trying to manipulate people into giving up information or doing something for you without knowing that you are doing it.

Social engineering can be as simple as asking questions and observing the person’s responses. It can also involve tricking the person using deception, such as creating fake websites or email addresses and pretending to be someone else.

The Most Common Forms of Social Engineering Attacks

1. Spear phishing, where the hacker creates a false identity and sends out emails to specific individuals in an organization to trick them into clicking on a malicious link.

2. Vishing: where the hacker calls up someone and pretends to be from a company like your bank or credit card company to get personal information or access to your computer remotely.

3. Dumpster diving: where hackers go through your trash, searching for things like discarded passwords or other sensitive information.

Hackers use this technique to steal data or gain access to a system.

It is easy for hackers to use this technique because people are naturally trusting and helpful, often giving out any information without thinking twice.

The hacker does not need any technical knowledge or skills in order to carry out this attack. All they need is a phone, a human voice, and the ability to lie convincingly.

How Can I Protect Myself?

The first step in preventing oneself from being a victim of social engineering attacks is recognizing when these attacks are happening.

If someone calls you on the phone and asks you for your personal information, such as your credit card number or bank account number, it might be a social engineering attack.

The best way to prevent yourself from being a victim of a social engineering attack is to be aware and cautious. Knowing your surroundings and activities will help you identify if someone is trying to manipulate you into revealing personal information.