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What is Arduino? Projects using Arduino

What is Arduino? Projects using Arduino

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a form of electronics platform which is based on user-friendly hardware and software.  Arduino boards are capable of reading inputs and converting them into output. One can instruct one’s board about what to do by sending out instructions to the microcontroller present on the board.

Over the past couple of years, Arduino has been the base of several projects ranging from day-to-day objects to complicated scientific equipment. A global community of creators including artists, students, programmers, hobbyists, and professionals have developed the Arduino and have increased the amount of knowledge accessible to creators alike.

Arduino was invented at the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute as an easy-to-use tool for quick prototyping. It was designed for students with no prior background in programming languages and electronics. Upon reaching a broader segment of society, the Arduino board started adapting according to modern needs and problems. It diversified its offers from basic 8-bit boards to products for wearable and 3-D printing. All Arduino boards are sourced openly hence users have the liberty to design them independently and tailor them according to their specific needs. 

Impressive examples of Arduino projects

The introduction of Arduino is revolutionary and has proved to be an amazing opportunity for creators to initiate their projects according to their needs. Some impressive examples of Arduino projects have been discussed below.

Arduino based Alcohol Sense Engine Lock & GPS

Drunk driving results in damaging road accidents globally. In most road accidents drivers are found to have excess alcohol concentration in their blood. Arduino is used to designing an alcohol sense system combined with GSM and GPS for transmission of location. This alcohol detection system also comprises an Arduino Uno board and an Mq-3 alcohol sensor for detection.

The system enables automatic detection of the concentration of alcohol present in the breath. Furthermore, a GPS along with GSM is used to send an SMS with the location of the driver to the concerned person in a scenario of alcohol detection higher than permissible limits. Simultaneously, the Arduino controller automatically halts the vehicle’s motor to prevent an accident.

Solar Powered Water Trash Collector

Although water is an indispensable resource, water pollution is one of the most damaging environmental threats that we experience today. Reverting the impact of water pollution is extremely difficult and can cost years to remove hazardous substances from the water bodies.

The solar-powered water trash collector is an innovative system that offers an automated way to deal with the issue of water pollution. It eliminates the requirement of manual labor hence making the process more time and cost-efficient. This floating trash collector removes the waste that gets accumulated on the water surface hence reducing water pollution. This is an Arduino-based project which is operated using an RC remote that can be maneuvered accordingly. Furthermore, DC pumps are used to provide direct control and arrange the motor for the steering. The boat is made self-sustainable by using two Solar panels to charge the battery. Garbage is collected by a net made up of a wire gauge.