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Ways To Master Programming

5 Free Ways To Master Programming In 2022

Ways To Master Programming

Needless to say, computer science is one of the most sought-after majors in college with excellent career opportunities and high-paying, in-demand jobs.

What if you already graduated or couldn’t get the chance to go to college?

This is not the end for you. 

Here are five awesome websites you can learn programming from, and the best thing is it’s FREE!


One of the more trusted websites where you can learn programming.

Some of their online courses are even free, which increases accessibility for people on a limited budget.

They offer a wide range of online courses to suit the needs of students at every skill level.

That can be the best option for you, whether you’re a beginner learning to code from scratch or an experienced veteran looking to refresh your knowledge. Additionally, they instruct students in a wide range of programming languages, including Python, Java, and PHP.

Whether you own a Windows PC, an Android device, or an iOS device, their platform is compatible with almost every device you own. Each course has roughly 50 lessons, and there are also useful quizzes to see how well you retain what you have learned.


A nonprofit that provides free online coding training and certifications in subjects like machine learning, data visualization, and responsive web design. It is dedicated to “teaching the world how to code for free,” as it says in its advertising. There are over 30,000 hours of free content there, so browse the forums and curriculum. 

More advanced courses like Data Analysis with Python Certification, Data Visualization Certification, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning with Python Certification, and Scientific Computing with Python Certification are available on freeCodeCamp if you’ve fallen in love with coding or want to pursue a career in data science. These courses have certifications and will take you about 300 hours to complete, but they are entirely free.


There are plenty of channels on Youtube that teach you all you need to know about every field, from beginners to advanced topics.

Creators like Academind, with 680K subscribers and tutorials between 1–4 hours long, cover skills like python, github, and Bootstrap.

Derek Banas, with his friendly intro “Well, hello Internet,” offers detailed videos covering programming, web design, and mobile applications.

Joshua Fluke describes himself as a content creator and entrepreneur. His content ranges from coding tutorials to python to how to apply for jobs and touches on numerous aspects of tech.


If you need different learning resources to learn programming, GeeksforGeeks is a great online resource. Their platform features a wide range of excellent articles about computer science and programming.

Each one offers a distinctive explanation of the various programming concepts. Even more impressive is the fact that all of the authors are not only knowledgeable about the subjects they cover but also authorities on them.

To make learning more enjoyable, the platform also includes a variety of quizzes and other interactive materials. GeeksforGeeks’ resources are all free for those on a tight budget, allowing you to learn more about the industry without spending a fortune.

The Odin Project

Beginners may find the world of programming to be a little intimidating, which may discourage them from enrolling in the occasionally pricey online courses. In this situation, the Odin Project is a great way for them to learn about web development without having to spend a lot of money because all of the courses are free.

Aside from not charging any fees, another reason why the Odin project is great is that it provides students with a clear path for learning.

This is the best course of action for beginners with little to no programming experience because it ensures that they cover all the fundamentals of web development. Through various projects that they can include in their portfolios, the platform also assists students in putting what they have learned into practice.


If you are dedicated, nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams. The internet provides all the tools you need to self-improve and develop all the essential skills to make a career in any field you choose.

Share with us more tips and tools to learn programming.