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Ethical Hacking testing - USB Rubber Ducky

Ethical Hacking testing – USB Rubber Ducky

What is USB Rubber Ducky?

There is a surfeit of devices available in the market for pentesting and hacking devices and systems. These devices are usually designed to facilitate ethical hacking and fortify the security of your device and networks. 

USB Rubber Ducky is a human interface gadget that resembles a USB pen drive. However, it is used for penetration testing and hacking. 

How does a USB Rubber Ducky work?

You must be wondering how this little device conducts the enormous pentesting and hacking tasks.

USB Rubber Ducky acts like a Human Interface device just like familiar devices that include keyboards, mouse and joysticks. It behaves like an interface between the computer and the human. Thus, it cannot be detected by computers. Any anti-virus systems or firewalls cannot even notice it. 

USB Rubber Ducky acts like a keyboard has keystrokes by default, which are enabled automatically as soon as it connects to laptops or computers. It enacts the commands given by the user. The commands used are called payloads. Payloads are unique codes used by hackers. The payload used by USB Rubber Ducky is written in Ducky Script. The device runs at a swift speed of 1000 words per minute and steals the targeted user’s data. 

What does USB Rubber Ducky consist of?

The USB Rubber Ducky consists of the following parts that help it accomplish its tasks efficiently:

MicroSD card:

MicroSD cards store all the payloads and ducky scripts. When the device is connected to the targeted device, it steals the data using the payloads saved in the MicroSD card. The payloads saved here are transferred to the keyboard adapter for creating keystrokes. 

MicroSD-to-USB adapter:

This is a mini plastic USB dongle used to mount the MicroSD card on the device as a regular USB device to transmit the payload. 

Mini keyboard adapter:

This is a tiny silicon chip that inserts a MicroSD card on it. The keyboard adapter is responsible for sending keystrokes to the device. 

Once you have USB Rubber Ducky in your hands, you need to create your first payload to get started by installing Duck Encoder. 

To create your payload through the Duck Encoder, fit the microSD card in your computer and make your payload using Ducky scripts. Once your payload is ready, you are prepared to use the device. 

Key Features of USB Rubber Ducky:

The Key features and advantages of the USB Rubber Ducky includes:

  • This device is usually used as a key injection tool for commanding keystrokes. These keystrokes might vary in nature. Those employed in ethical hacking are positive keystrokes, while those used for illegal data thefts are negative.
  • The device is also used for scrutinizing the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the targeted system. 
  • Once you are aware of the vulnerabilities of your system, you can increase your system security. 
  • The device is quick and efficient, capable of sending 1000 words per minute. 
  • The security system of your system is also unable to detect the device. Therefore, there is no hindrance while using the USB Rubber Ducky.


USB Rubber Ducky can quickly get you the required credentials and essential data at lightning speed with few keystrokes and at a cheaper rate. Hence, It is a highly recommended pentest tool.