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Emojis and Memes - The Future Of Human Communication?

Emojis and Memes – The Future Of Human Communication?

Digital Human Communication

Technology is critical, billions of people depend on technology. We find it necessary in our daily lives from health to education, from entertainment to religion. It influences a massive chunk of each day’s experience. Innovation has increased the world’s communication options. How has this truly influenced the world?  Will it lead to future with an emoji based universal language?

Faster Communication

It is not a new concept to reach out to friends, family, and colleagues instantly over great distances, without leaving home or even the bedroom. Analysis of this massive influence shows positive results, instant news and notifications, messages arriving faster than they can be read. The speed of communication is not as much about the velocity of the delivery, as much as it is the location that most people can now be reached. The cons also exist as having a smartphone in one’s pocket or purse with vibrating and/or sound notifications, makes it rather intrusive when in the bathroom or shower.


For some, “wordless” communication is considered fun, for others not so much. Emojis came into play with early Internet chat programs and has now been adopted into every form of chat there is. Convenience wins against details every time. When used excessively, the generation gap begins to show in the delivey, the latest generation on a global scale has welcomed emojis as a first line of communication. Emojis lead the chats and Memes are now leading relevant Internet content popularity posts. ‘One meme says a thousand words’. This emotion provoking imagery is the most attractive, successful and monetizable use case rivalling even video content. Emojis and Memes are fun, exciting and creative. Memes can be ambiguous and often cause misunderstandings, this has not affected the popularity.


What is your poison? For posting: TikTok – Facebok – Instagram…  For calling: Facetime – Skype – Zoom…  This next level of communication is now the standard, and it will only become clearer, less pixelated and more enhanced. People mostly sing or make noises and end the post or conversation. The crazy question to ask is, could words eventually be replaced by noises in verbal communication?

Is it Good?

In a nutshell, will the influence that technology has injected into human communication formed a positive or a negative result, and how will it evolve? Although there is no certainty, we can definitely say that it has changed human behavior a great deal and adapting to it had been challenging for some, especially seniors who mostly have been known to not instantly embrace “new-age” technology. Emojis and memes are another case that is fun and exciting but also could be boring if you use them excessively. Overall, we can say that the influence tech has on communication is not really bad – at moderate levels. Intellectually however, this should be carefully embraced.