China is Creating a 1 km Long Spaceship

1 km Long Spaceship

1 km Long Spaceship Biggest In History Yes, you read that right. A 1 km Long Spaceship. If you’re more used to the American imperial units, that’s about 0.6 miles. For comparison, that is bigger than any of the Enterprise ships in Star Trek,  and more than half the size of the classic Star Destroyers […]

Raspberry Pi Origins

A Revolutionary Computer Raspberry Pi is a computer that captures the imagination of the young and old alike. It all started in 2006 with an idea to develop a low-cost computer to encourage children to learn about computing and programming. In this blog post, I will discuss what a Raspberry Pi is, when and why […]

What is RockYou2021 ?

What is RockYou2021 ?

History of RockYou and the 2009 hack this is where its similarity to the original RockYou comes forward: it is a file dedicated to doing dictionary attacks.

Ubuntu Linux: More than just a Desktop OS

How Do Crime Syndicates Use Technology To Do Their Bidding?

Ubuntu Linux For some time now, Canonical, the company which maintains and publishes Ubuntu, has been hard at work branching out into other ways of using Linux, adapting its operating system to different applications and doing the necessary changes. Ubuntu Server was one of the first, and has been highly successful. More recently, they also rolled out Ubuntu Cloud, designed to be run on cloud servers such as AWS and Google Cloud, and also Ubuntu for IoT.