The term “hotel technology” is broad and includes a variety of technologies that help hotels operate more effectively and give their customers better service. 

For hotels to remain competitive in the market today, hotel technology has grown more and more crucial in recent years. 

More than ever, travelers have higher expectations for both the accommodations they stay in and the level of care they get. To be competitive, hotel owners and managers must put in a lot of effort to keep up with these requirements.


Expedia is a multi-national travel company with more than 20 years of experience. To remain competitive and relevant in a market that is always evolving, the company has been making significant investments in technology and innovation. 

One of the first companies to use AI and other technology is the hotel sector. One company exploring with AI in hotels and other hospitality-related businesses is Expedia. They have been using it to improve employee productivity and customer service at their locations. 

Expedia is now exploring the ways in which technology could help them to provide their clients improved services. Utilizing technology within the hotels themselves is one way to do this.

Expedia aims to ensure that every hotel offers Wi-Fi, video games, smart locks, and other technological amenities so that guests are familiar with what to expect before making a reservation. 

How It Works

The business uses artificial intelligence (AI) to manage its hotel inventory, which helps decide how many rooms to keep available for booking in different locations and at what price. 

With this inventory optimization, they may increase earnings while lowering the possibility of overselling a property.