Web Development

You need a new website to attract and acquire and interact with customers, the enterprise level web app or website application that automates this processes, or a web based portal to manage your workflow and assist contractors or employees to build your customer database.

Clarity, Sincerity, and Integrity in Our Work

Pixel Earth has a mantra of honesty and transparency in the work that we successfully complete. The size of the project or business is of no consequence, We are focused on the work and not any preconceived personal idea of what it should be, all concepts, ideas and visions you present are defined in writing and signed-off before any development begins. Our daily goals involve ensuring we’re on track and moving in the intended direction without compromise and in accordance to the strict predefined timelines. Custom or platform-based code will be crated to suite the need and insure the desired outcome.

Avoid Boring and Old Principals

Successful Bespoke or Custom software development requires a rare type of professionalism. Specializing in the systemization of organized chaos is a powerful skill. Taking pride in our work is the only way to completely immerse ourselves into your project details. Our close attention to your industry and inspired vision allows us to create a synergy of enthusiastic team members and tools. The right team with the right tools will accomplish each milestone, leading up to the final goal.

Professionally Coded Modules

The mindset of Front-End-Developers and Back-End-Developers defines the quality of the code created. Keeping the final goal in mind and future possibilities should always be present in the though process of ever and every team member, this makes a special space at each and every milestone that supports scalability. There should almost never be a reason to ‘go-back-to-the-drawing-board’. Regarding a complete project, this should only be present for certain modules that were created for limited use. We have learned that building to perfection is not only building to specification, but built to grow and overcome current options so that the system is ready for upgrades and updates that adjust to the ever evolving marketplace. The key words we keep in mind are: Stability; Scalability; Robustness; Integrity.

Platform and Software Agnostic

Our capabilities extend to flexibility in our approach while keeping the goal in mind. Your requirements will translate into the team of developers, UI.UX Specialists and project managers. The QC (Quality Control) runs the coded features through a number of tests to ensure an accurate and stable outcome. When morphing your ideas into the real world, this is essential. Each software stack(system) of development has it’s own set of rules that effect the success of the end product. Whether it is a type of database or its structure, to the programming language and it’s platform, the integration of each module and the connectivity to external web aps or mobile aps or even third party API’s that together crate the feature rich system that you will call yours.

Deployment, Support & Maintenance

Being a web development company, we present software development solutions utilizing various platforms.
Lets find out the platforms that are ideal for your next project?


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web structure, made by Taylor Otwell and planned for the advancement of web applications following the model–view regulator design and dependent on Symfony.

JQUERY Write less do more

jQuery is a JavaScript library intended to streamline HTML DOM tree crossing and control, just as occasion dealing with, CSS activity, and Ajax. It is free, open-source programming utilizing the tolerant MIT License.


Python is a deciphered, elevated level, broadly useful programming language. Made by Guido van Rossum and first delivered in 1991, Python’s plan reasoning underlines code lucidness with its remarkable utilization of critical whitespace.


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a universally useful programming language initially intended for web advancement. It was initially made by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994; the PHP reference usage is currently delivered by The PHP Group.


HTML5 is a product arrangement stack that characterizes the properties and practices of site page content by actualizing a markup based example to it. HTML5 is the fifth and current significant variant of HTML, and subsumes XHTML.


WordPress is a free and open-source content administration framework written in PHP and matched with a MySQL or MariaDB information base. Highlights incorporate a module design and a layout framework, alluded inside WordPress as Themes.

JSON JavaScript Object Notation

JavaScript Object Notation. It is an exceptionally regular information design, with a differing scope of utilizations, for example, filling in as substitution for XML in AJAX frameworks. JSON is a language-autonomous information design.


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web structure primarily kept up by Google and by a network of people and enterprises to address huge numbers of the difficulties experienced in creating single-page applications.


Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a censured application structure for composing and running rich Internet applications, like Adobe Flash.


Node.js is an open-source, cross-stage, JavaScript runtime condition that executes JavaScript code outside an internet browser.


Respond is an open-source JavaScript library for building UI – User Interface UX – User Experience elements. It is kept up by Facebook and a network of individual designers and organizations.

programming and web development

All or part of your project can be catered to, as the teams can work in synergy with themselves and with third parties alike. Here are some services Pixel Earth specializes in that allow us to create the extraordinary. 

UI/UX User Interface & User Experience

Engaging your audience effectively so that they take action, click and jump through the hoops to successfully use what you offer is an interesting challenge. Capturing and leading the viewers imagination and touching them emotionally to do what you want them to do… It all happens here. The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) can only get you where you need to go if people are actually arriving to see your content. First you need to get them there. UI/UX is all about making sure that once the visitor arrives, they receive the best possible attractive and magnetic elements in the visual scope. We build these experiences and interfaces.

E-commerce & Web Store Apps

Some of the most effective E-commerce stores are personal ones, that being said, the larger/commercial sites can also be successful. We create feature rich solutions for both the startup with a small budget to the enterprise 1000+ product E-commerce websites that are 100% responsive and integrate with PWA and Mobile App ability if needed. These feature rich systems may or may not include marketing assistance and traffic funneling to drive potential customers to a full shopping cart. We build the requirement and this is extensively diverse depending on what is being offered and the way the product/s or services are supplied.

Advanced Software Development

Working with the vast array of solutions and systems in existence today, Connectivity and translation from one technology to another is a regular and major requirement. API and custom scripts that have purpose and meaning, to integrate and connect and automate. This becomes a massively time and cost saving element in the technology world. The digital world relies on these algorithms executing their tasks in order to avoid larger workforces and incorporate technologies like JSON, XML, SOA, REST, SOAP and even A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) engines in some cases where advanced decision making needs to exist on a 24 hours basis, A.I do not need to rest like humans do.

Mobile Apps Development – Store Apps – Native Apps

Even though these apps are beginning to fade to make space for new technologies, some things can just not be accomplished without a native app. Our web developers program user-facing apps that interact and evolve with app store updates. The drawback of using this method to reach people, is the high cost, as both Android and IOS(Apple) apps need to be created – this is double the work and each is a different and unique skillset. Not all jobs are equal and there is also the Big Data costs should the app be highly resource intensive and/or be very popular. Monetizing is the most important part of native app creation dues to the complexity and difficulty or activating and maintaining these apps in the Google and Apple stores.  

Full Stack Web & App Development

The large tool-set currently available for the creation, development, design and maintaining of successful and attractive websites, office applications for the use of CRM, ERP, Document Flow Process, Audio and Video manipulation and presentation, SEO and Marketing Automation systems etc. We enjoy custom and bespoke apps but also gravitate to the open source platforms like WordPress and Drupal. The ‘Full Stack’ implies that individuals of the caliber have multiple skill sets and can work independently of the team when needed. This accelerates both accuracy and efficiency in the workflow.

Videography, Photography & Production Services

How this relates to development is simple, visuals are the ‘WHAT’ in the bigger scheme of things and Development is the ‘HOW’, the behaviour of the elements and hwo they interact with users is all development work. Video Marketing, Branding, Attractive photography and imagery that always needs editing and sometimes requires animations – these are 2D or 3D at times and even push the boundaries of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality features. Photo shoots and scouting for shoot locations are a large part of this process.

Web Development & Application Development

Pixel Earth is a software company. Our developers are specialized in JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 and multiple back-end and front-end JavaScript frameworks;  such as Node.js, AngularJS, React. Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Server Side Scripts such as PHP, ASP, ASP.net. Uniquely flexible programming languages such as Python, as well as PHP frameworks like Laravel. This list changes and adjusts according the best fit for each project as we incorporate a polymorphous team.

Progressive Web Apps Development

We believe this is the future of all apps for mobile devices. The feature set is not yet as comprehensive as the Google Play Store or Apple Store Apps, but technology is progressing fast and these new PWA Apps are fast growing in popularity because of the following factors. These apps are responsive and adaptive, they are primarily built to look and feel like ‘Native’ mobile apps. They incorporate special features like push notifications and highly specialized analytics. They allow the app like feel without succumbing to the Google and Apple rules.

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