Pesticides have been a part of agriculture for decades, and they are not going away soon.


Modern technology has made it possible for us to develop new pesticides which are more effective and less harmful to the environment.

The future of pesticides is looking bright with the introduction of new pesticide developments.

Some people are now trying to grow plants without pesticides.

This could be done by using natural methods like pest-resistant strains of crops or introducing predators that feed on pests that attack plants.

However, with the increasing population and growing demand for food, there is a need for more food to be grown.

Inventions Combating Pests

Pests are a menace to agriculture, and it’s important to have the right pest control inventions, chemical pesticides are not always safe for the environment, so we need new pest control inventions.

Insecticides like Bt corn or Bt cotton are effective in combating pests.

These products produce a toxin that is only toxic to certain insects but not mammals.

Other pest control inventions include organic pesticides, which use natural materials like neem oil or pyrethrin instead of synthetic chemicals.

However, with the invention of new farming methods, there are now ways to produce food without the use of dangerous chemicals or even human intervention.

For example, in California, they have been experimenting with a chemical-free way to grow almonds by using a natural bacteria that kills the bugs that attack almond trees.

Agriculture Robots

 Carbon Robotics created the LaserWeeder, an autonomous, device that attaches to tractors to kill weeds.

It is a precise, organic, and cost-efficient weed control solution for mass-scale agriculture.

Virgo by Root AI, it’s a powerful robot that uses AI to pick tomatoes

The impressive part, it doesn’t get tired, it can work 24/7!

Ecorobotix is a solar-powered robot that can spray and weed with laser precision.