Is The Internet Any Good For Prepubescent Kids?

The Internet is a great place to learn and play. But, it can also be a dangerous place for children.

The Internet has many positive aspects, but it also has negative ones.

The internet can be used by parents to keep track of their kids’ activities and by kids themselves to learn new things and explore their interests.

However, the internet carries some risks that parents need to be aware of. Here are some things you should know about the dangers of the internet when your child uses it:

Physical Safety

Sexual predators can use the internet to find and contact children through chat rooms or email addresses.

They may pose as someone your child knows or send them gifts or money in order to build trust with them so that they can manipulate them into doing something inappropriate or illegal.

If this happens, tell your child immediately so that they know not to trust strangers online and report what happened immediately if anything else like this happens again!

Digital Security

It’s important for everyone who uses the internet (including children) to practice good digital security habits like not sharing personal information online unless necessary (like when signing up for an account), using strong passwords.

Cyberbullying & Peer Pressure

The internet can be a dangerous place for growing kids with unfiltered access, even if it’s limited to their schoolmates and fellow children.

Growing up can be painful, and kids most of the time will draw uneasy comparisons between themselves and their peers.

Spending too much time on the internet on apps like Instagram and Snapchat can deal a lot of psychological damage to children due to the sheer amount of unhealthy competition showing off different lifestyles or gadgets.

And the glamorization of popular children, which can cause your child to deal with dreadful cyberbullying.

The right thing to do is to teach your kid that online, people will most likely share the brightest sides of their lives and the unrealistic lifestyle expectations, might just be a game of pretend.

By teaching your kid acceptance and self-love, their confidence will grow massively and they will unlikely fall victim to cyberbullying.

Internet Addiction

Anyone who uses the internet often runs the risk of developing an internet addiction. It can particularly develop into a large problem for teenagers who become addicted to the internet and may wind up wasting valuable time online rather than using it for something useful.

Because of this, anyone who has a web addiction may have a negative impact on professional productivity.

And to deal with this properly, parents should watch their children’s internet use and set a healthy screen time to not diminish their focus on their studies and hobbies.

Exposure To Age-Inappropriate Content

One of the major dangers of accessing the internet for kids is that unsuitable content might be viewed without any kind of warning. Many websites today display various forms of advertising on their pages.

Although it can seem benign, not all of those advertisements have material suitable for young children to view. This is why it may have a significant impact on a person’s mind. Children may occasionally be exposed online to extreme racial, sexual, or political viewpoints.

Affecting Mental Capabilities

The internet often provides instant gratification, and most websites are built to give it. In addition, they provide a wide variety of things to think about and experience on demand.

As teenagers develop, that can be dangerous for the relationships they have, their level of patience, and their ability to concentrate on their tasks can all be impacted by learning knowledge in this way.

To combat this issue, attempt to put more of their attention into real-world tasks that will be more beneficial, such as studying or exercising, while balancing this effect’s natural occurrence with time spent offline.

To sum up, the internet is affecting your children, in both good and bad ways. The negative side effects are increasing, but that doesn’t mean they should stay away from using the internet, as it can be extremely informative and a great way to connect with their buddies. You should just be cautious while they use it or restrict it in some ways.

Influencer Saturation: how do Leaders stand out in their Niche?

Rise of influencers

The rise of social media gave a voice and a following to thousands of people worldwide. Soon, their influence on people became noticeable, and they began to be known as “influencers”. It didn’t take long for this new occupation to be monetized through various mobile apps, and with that hundreds of thousands of people tried to follow their path and live off social media.

And, of course, it didn’t take long for that to become too many people. Now there are millions of influencers spread out throughout the world, in many kinds of niches and with wildly different amounts of followers and influence power.

At the same time, many brands started drifting away from influencer sponsoring. Falsifying follower count, low engagement and distrust of sponsored content by their fans led to many losses in the marketing field for many different companies.

Even so, many people seem to continue to be successful, and from time to time a new influencer star manages to rise somewhere. How do they do that? Let’s talk a bit about that.

Steady Quality Content

Maintaining a steady stream of quality content is of course the bare minimum an influencer should do. In a time where there are hundreds of other people competing for attention in the same niche, this becomes especially critical.

Also, it is important to stress the need for quality content. People know when something is low effort and was made just to fill the void. People know when they scrambled out something just to satisfy their sponsors. Whatever they do, quality has to come first.

Being an influencer isn’t just about having a good time on social media and getting paid for it. It is a responsibility. People expect something from you, and you shouldn’t let them down, much less play with their feelings.

Getting Intimate

The most important difference between an influencer and other celebrities is the level of intimacy.

Celebrities are unreachable. Their relationship to their fans tends to be quite distant. Many don’t even have social media accounts. What makes them famous is what they do: they are great actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, that kind of thing.

Influencers, on the other hand, get their fame exactly by being close to their followers. They talk about their daily life, their job, the things they do in their free time, and that way they create a special relationship with their fans.

And people like that. People want to feel connected to their idols. People want to talk to them as if they were talking to a close friend. They want to relate to what they see and hear.

Engaging your followers, especially engaging directly (such as by talking to them on Twitter), is an incredibly powerful way of keeping them close to you

Being Honest

And it is also very important for that intimacy to be honest. Not forced or faked out just to get money, but coming out of the true desire to connect with people.

You may be a great actor and manage to fake that out for some time, but one day the truth may come out and ruin your life. You’ve probably seen many examples of similar cases that end up destroying the influencers’ careers.

This also means that influencers can’t just go out and accept any sponsorship proposal given to them. They have to stay true to their followers, to their own opinions and to their niche. They can’t just advertise a product of questionable quality and expect to be taken seriously after their followers report the problems they had with them. Products that they wasted money on because they endorsed them.

Even more, being true and honest is a quality that companies are looking for today, even more than having hundreds of thousands of followers. The key to being an influencer isn’t having a huge following, it’s actually influencing people. Managing to make most of some hundreds of people engage with your brand for a small cost is much better than paying thousands of dollars to get no return at all.

Even though there are hundreds of thousands of influencers out there, quality influencing is now seen as more of a quality-over-quantity occupation, rather than quantity only. And from this comes the opportunity to stand out among your peers and be successful, even while having a small, but loyal, following.