Top Paying Tech Jobs in 2021

Looking for new career prospects in technology? The times are good for people who keep up-to-date with technological development and aren’t afraid to delve into emerging fields. While the pandemic slowed things down, technologic and scientific developments never stopped, and not even the worldwide chip shortage is able to prevent this.

All of the jobs described here are able to give you upwards of 100,000 dollars per year, not to mention other possible benefits. Many of them involve knowledge about newer technologies, but others are also older jobs which are in high demand. Check them out:

AI Specialist

We are in the age of artificial intelligence, thanks to the development of tools like machine learning and deep learning that make it much easier to create them. You can see that in the many efforts made to automate everyday things using those technological marvels, such as Tesla’s self-driving cars, identifying user preferences in social media and online stores, face recognition, chatbots, among many others.

And, in order to create an AI and put it to work for you, you need someone who knows their ins-and-outs and is able to lead a team to develop and train them. And there aren’t many of these people out there.

Cloud Engineer

The cloud is overtaking the computing and storage world and that is extremely understandable. Why would you invest a lot of money into computational infrastructure for your company and have to deal with the headache caused by technical failures, power outages and other problems when out there are thousands of companies specialized in doing just that?

While using the cloud can bring many technical benefits to a company, it is also no easy task. You need to able to manage systems and resources in a group of servers whose location is pretty much unknown, and you will depend a lot on the internet to make it work. That’s why you need someone with experience on the cloud – a cloud engineer.

Product Manager

This one is an already well known position in most companies, but that doesn’t make it any less important or relevant today.

The product manager is the person in charge of developing a product, leading the team that is responsible for making it a reality. It carries with it great responsibility: the right product can bring a company to the stars, the wrong product can give lasting financial impacts.

what is Entrepreneurship – risks & business obstacles

Learned helplessness: why you’re afraid of taking risks

The most terrifying part of the world of entrepreneurship is certainly the risks involved. When you read about creating companies and startups, hiring people, supply chains and marketing, your mind is filled with all of the possible ways in which everything could go wrong.

And I can’t blame you. All that is really hard and can really go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. For every company that reaches the sky, there are thousands of others which either stagnate or go bankrupt early in their lives.

But this fear of entrepreneurship doesn’t really come from the specific fear of watching everything go to ruin. Not even a fear of responsibility or of failure.

It comes from frustration.

Frustration is the key factor in what psychologists call “learned helplessness”: a behavior pattern originated from repeated frustration which gives you a constant feeling of helplessness, making you feel like you are unable to change your life and fulfill your dreams.

But that doesn’t mean you have to bear that for the rest of your life. You can change it, little by little.

You are always facing risks

The first thing to realize is you aren’t afraid of risks. You are afraid of big risks. We face many kinds of risks everyday, whether we know it or not. Cooking a meal? There is the risk of causing a fire. Using social networks? There is always the risk of being stalked, or developing anxiety or depression. Leaving your house? Countless risks for your health. Staying home all day every day? Countless risks for your health and mental health.

Everyday we face those risks and barely notice them. Why? Because we are already used to them, we know how to avoid them and minimize them, and many are already small to begin with. Taking risks is a part of life, and necessary to live. It is inevitable. But, of course, some risks are bigger than others. And that is what makes them scary.

Knowing your comfort zone

In order to be able to face bigger risks, especially the ones which may be necessary to take, it is important to find out what exactly you are comfortable with right now. What kinds of risks don’t scare you? What risks do you face everyday? How do you handle them?

This is a way to find out what is your comfort zone. There is no problem with having one. It is even healthy to have one. Don’t take all of that “go out of your comfort zone” stuff to heart. Instead, work on expanding your comfort zone. Anything becomes easier to do when you are comfortable with it. 

Those high-stake guys you keep reading about? They do high-stakes investments because they are comfortable with it. They have a safety net, safer investments, tons of money stored in a bank somewhere. Or they are just out of their mind and you shouldn’t really follow in their steps. Start with safer risks and aim for the sky, at your own pace.

Remember your objectives

Also, don’t take unnecessary risks or go do something just because everyone else is doing it. Focus on your objectives. On your life. Whatever your objectives are, focus on them and strive to go toward them with whatever means are at your own disposal, at your own pace. No need to rush.

The main thing is to get the small victories within your reach, which will lead you toward your objective. Learned helplessness comes from repeated frustration, and can be overcome with repeated victories, no matter how small they are. Each victory is a further step toward hope.

So, right now, don’t focus on getting glory, recognition or leaving a legacy for the world. Focus on today and tomorrow. Focus on getting better and improving yourself. On improving your mental health, your self-image, your self-esteem. One victory at a time. And with this, you will gain the experience and mindset necessary to face the bigger risks that the world can bring.

Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sun Tzu

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

Although The Art of War is very popular in China, being a classic of Chinese philosophy, it only started gaining popularity in the West during the last few decades, and many people still haven’t recognized all the brilliance it contains.

You may not have realized it, but a competition between businesses is a kind of war. While you may not be interested in bankrupting other companies, there are some who may be interested in bankrupting yours. And The Art of War is the perfect guide on how to deal with that.

Adapt to the situation

Sun Tzu said, “one’s victories in battle cannot be repeated – they take their form in response to inexhaustibly changing circumstances.”

There are no perfect strategies, nor perfect tactics. Every situation is different, and you need to be able to adapt to the situation in order to handle it in the best way possible. And the way you adapt to the situation depends on how well you are able to assess it.

Even better: if you can create the situation, you have complete control of it, and can lead the enemy to do your bidding. As Sun Tzu said, “the expert at battle seeks his victory from strategic advantage and does not demand it from his men.”

Knowledge is power

Sun Tzu said, “he who knows the enemy and himself will never in a hundred battles be at risk.”

In order to adapt to a situation, you need to know what is involved in it. Correctly assessing a situation involves knowing the resources available, the people involved, the “battlefield”, the enemy, and, of course, yourself. Not only the people who you are “commanding”, but also you, the “commander”: what are your weaknesses, and what are your strengths.

What decides a war are not the resources available, nor the amount of soldiers involved, but the commander’s ability to employ their strengths and hide their weaknesses.

Avoid direct confrontations

Sun Tzu said, “the highest excellence is to subdue the enemy’s army without fighting at all.”

While entering in direct competition with another company may seem tempting, especially if they are provoking you or acting offensively in some way, it is not a good idea to enter a fight if you are unsure of whether you are going to win or not. This is based on the principle concept, whether true or false, that no one has ever benefited from a prolonged war. If you aim for a direct confrontation, you must end it as quickly as you begin it.

As Sun Tzu said, “all warfare is based on deception.” Do your best to avoid direct competition, feigning compromises or alliances, and maintain peace for as long as possible, while also preparing yourself for economic war in the near future. Make sure that you are the one in control of the situation, instead of the enemy. This way, you can ensure that your company will thrive, even when having to deal with competitors much stronger and established that you are.

Plato’s Republic

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Plato’s Republic

Justice is “doing what is properly one’s own.”

That is how Socrates put into words the definition of justice he and his interlocutors had been searching for during the first half of Plato’s Republic. While the ten books that compose it delve into many different topics, including poetry and the form of the soul, most of it consists on a cooperative effort to create a perfectly just city, in order to discover what justice really is. And this ideal city brings concepts which can improve your company’s performance, as well as your own.

Everyone is uniquely different, and that is good

Everybody can contribute to your company, in one way or another. Even though there isn’t space for everyone, that doesn’t mean that an “unorthodox” CV is a bad one, nor that a low-performing employee is a lazy one. Everyone performs better at different tasks and different environments, but mostly the people themselves don’t even know where they excel at.

In Kallipolis, the city they created, every child would be observed from birth in order to figure out which profession they would best fit in: mason, carpenter, farmer, and even soldier or king, and then would be trained to excel in such profession.

Have a unifying vision

In Republic, Socrates argued in favor of the need of a “noble lie”, a myth or concept which would unite the people of the city towards a common goal.

You, however, do not need to lie to rely on myths. Instead, be honest. Talk to your employees about your vision for your company, your mission, your objectives. Convince them that it is the correct one, and it will lead to great results. Or let them convince you of a better way. But make sure that there is a purpose for the company which will unify everyone that is a part of it, and with that maintain its internal cohesion.

Be a philosopher-king

Socrates argues that the worst king is the tyrant: a dictator, one which rules with force, thinking only about himself, enslaving the population for its own causes and wars, except for the few allies they have.

The best king however, is the one who is an adept at philosophy. That is, a person who is not only a ruler and an administrator, but also loves learning and is always working towards finding the truth behind everything.

Do not let your work keep you from working on yourself. While these two things may not seem connected, how well you handle the everyday challenges of entrepreneurship depends directly on how well you are able to manage your life, your mind, and your emotions. That is, working on yourself is working on your company.

As Socrates says, the just man is the one that manages to balance one’s reasoning, spiritedness, and desires, while not letting any of them overcome the others. Reach that state, and your company will reach it too.

Technology for Lifestyle Design

Technology Can Give You the Freedom to Design Your Life the Way You Want it.

We start by questioning our current mindset: When you take a look at your life, the way it is now, do you see things that you could change to make it better and more enjoyable?

The answer is most likely yes. ‘Many people live on a hamster wheel’ – Getting up early, going to work, heading home in the evenings, going to bed, and repeating the same groundhog day activity.

If this is what your life looks like now – it may be time to consider some changes.

Technology for Lifestyle Design

Current world affairs, life experience up until now, daily state of mind etc. Many factors effect our ability to see real opportunities however abundant they may be, they manage to elude most people, or perhaps besides experience, these mental states are a factor in the inability to identify a real opportunity from a fake one or a scam, or even well meant fantasy that would never work in the real world.

The next step is to avoid the thinking process of chasing them and feeling unable to grasp new opportunities. A lesson in automation allows them to manifest right in front of you instead. By using technology, you can design a more fortunate lifestyle experience. Here is a list of possibilities of how technology can assist you:

  • Avoid trying to stay organized and just be organized. Calendars, Reminders, Lists, Notifications. Stop trying to remember everything when technology can do it for you.
  • Stop looking for problems. Setup support ticketing to deal with everything in one place, change your mindset to always look for solutions instead.
  • No more deadlines. Don’t call them deadlines (that sounds horrible), try call them conclusions or goals instead. Make them something to look forward to.
  • Define your time. It is the most precious substance that exists in human life, it has no equal. Time is the priceless commodity that cannot ever be replaced. A brave statement – Find ways to earn money while you are asleep.
  • Don’t be greedy. Take a bite of everything you encounter, but just for a taste, learn to commit to what works for your lifestyle choice, rather than what matters to you in the moment. Attempt to choose with your logic instead of your desire.

Some basic guidelines, each person needs to find their own way to achieve the above listed elements of a blueprint to success and happiness. A way to achieve more time for you to do the enjoyable things in life. A life not based on your ‘work’ – it will be a series of days where you can feel happy, take part in hobbies, spend time with loved ones, go to the beach, meet that special someone, and ultimately, just live your best possible existence. Read more articles: Wifi Pineapple

Get the Freedom You Deserve

Everyone deserves to experience freedom in their life. From the type of work they do to the things they do on a regular basis, freedom makes life more enjoyable, almost like it is a requirement to achieve satisfaction, the freedom to choose what one does with their time. In the past someone asked you about your schedule…  But after using technology to automate life, when asked the same question, your answer will be rather different. You might respond with phrases like: “I’m learning a new language” or “going horseback riding” Your life will no longer be about work.

Imagine This

You rise to a delicious morning breakfast. Go about your day enjoying every minute. When thinking back on all the hard work you did in the past, the overtime, week after week, month after month, just to pay bills… it is like a bad daydream. Thinking back to today smiling to yourself, knowing that you’ve achieved your ideal lifestyle design.

Post technology assisted lifestyle, can be defined as follows:

  • Work rarely comes to mind, only the learned and ever practiced automatic recognition of awesome opportunities.
  • You’ve learned what to ignore, so you see glimpses of your progress and the overview of your wealth management.
  • Thoughts of a non prosperous past rarely enter your mind. When they do, they serve as a reminder to never again think with a poverty consciousness.
  • You are enjoying what you do every single day.
  • The lifestyle that you dreamed of is now your reality, or close to it.
  • Always looking to improve but not making a job out of it.

Take What is Yours to Take 

This image takes shape in the minds of those who made the decision not to waste another day on the hamster wheel. The ones that embraced technology to automate lifestyle design, a design that attracts new influential people, you never know what to expect when your mindset is set for adventure and at the same time, with a little practice, being brave enough to make the change, you’ll begin to identify your unique way forward.