Luxury Premium Suits: Our Journey with 139 Gladstone

In the luxurious world of bespoke tailoring, the quality of craftsmanship and the attention to detail that goes into each garment are what set the elite apart. This is a principle that 139 Gladstone, Luxury Premium Italian Tailors, knows all too well. When it came to translating the sophistication and elegance of their brand into the digital realm, Pixel Earth was tasked with the mission. Our project encompassed custom coding, advanced eCommerce customisations, API development, and database development, all aimed at creating an online experience as tailored and refined as 139 Gladstone’s suits.

Bespoke Digital Tailoring: Custom Coding

Just as a tailor takes precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit, our team embarked on custom coding to ensure that the 139 Gladstone website was a perfect fit for their brand’s unique needs. This involved developing custom features that allowed for an interactive and personalised shopping experience, such as a virtual fitting room and an intuitive design tool that lets customers design their bespoke suits online, choosing fabrics, styles, and accessories with ease.

Elevating the Experience: Advanced eCommerce Customisations

Understanding that luxury shopping is as much about the experience as it is about the product, we implemented advanced eCommerce customisations. This included the integration of high-resolution image galleries to showcase the exquisite detail of 139 Gladstone’s fabrics and designs, and an elegant, user-friendly interface that reflects the brand’s premium aesthetic. We also customised the checkout process to be as seamless and bespoke as the tailoring experience, ensuring clients enjoy excellence at every touchpoint.

Seamless Integration: API Development

In the competitive luxury market, staying connected with your clientele is paramount. Our API development work enabled 139 Gladstone to seamlessly integrate their online platform with CRM and marketing tools, ensuring they can maintain their personal touch and exceptional service online. This integration facilitates better customer relationship management, targeted marketing, and personalisation, enriching the customer’s journey with the brand.

The Foundation: Database Development

Behind every flawless website is a robust database. For 139 Gladstone, we developed a comprehensive database solution that not only securely stores customer measurements and preferences for bespoke orders but also manages an extensive inventory of fabrics and designs. This database is the backbone of the website, supporting the personalised features and ensuring that the luxury service 139 Gladstone is known for in-person is equally present online.

Our collaboration with 139 Gladstone – Luxury Premium Italian Tailors is a celebration of bespoke digital craftsmanship. Through custom coding, advanced eCommerce customisations, API development, and database development, we’ve created an online presence that truly reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence, sophistication, and personalisation. At Pixel Earth, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our digital solutions as meticulously as the finest Italian tailors, ensuring our clients stand out in the digital landscape.

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