5 Jobs That Technology Made Obsolete

The way we work has been transformed by technological developments, along with many other parts of our life.

While technology development has led to many new career options, some jobs have also become obsolete.

Here are a few examples of jobs that technology has eliminated.

5 Jobs That Were Replaced By Technology


The demand for manual typists has significantly decreased with the invention of computers and word-processing programs.

Today, the majority of people can type their documents and those who cannot use voice-to-text software.

Travel Agents

Because of the internet, it is now possible for anyone to plan their trips, reducing the need for travel agents.

Without the help of a travel agency, travelers may easily book their flights, lodging, and activities online with websites like Booking and Trip Advisor.

Film Projectionists

With the advent of digital projection, film projectionists are no longer required.

Digital projectors have replaced the need for film reels, making the role of a projectionist obsolete.

Toll Booth Operators

Toll booth operators are obsolete with electronic toll collection systems.

Toll booths can be simply driven through without stopping; the toll would then be automatically deducted from the driver’s account.

Data Entry Clerks

Data entry used to require a lot of manual labor, but optical character recognition (OCR) technology has made it possible for machines to scan and convert documents.

As computers are now capable of performing this duty fast and precisely, the demand for data entry clerks has decreased.


In conclusion, technological development has eliminated some jobs while generating many new ones.

We may expect more changes in the labor economy as technology advances. To remain current and employable in the future, it is important to adapt to these changes.