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The Interesting Tech Conspiracy Theories Of Alex Jones

The Interesting Tech Conspiracy Theories Of Alex Jones

Theories of Hidden Advanced Technology

Is the United States more technologically advanced than it lets on? Is there a secret inner circle inside the American government using such inaccessible technology for its own satanic purposes? Are they using it to control American citizens?

Conspiracy theories have ravaged the world in recent years, and they range in content from conspiracies that the Earth is actually flat but “they” don’t want you to know, to the existence of a secret group of satanic pedophiles controlling the US government. And along with the crazy QAnon guys, there is one person who is responsible for many of them: Alex Jones.

Being basically a professional conspiracy theorist, he has already delved into many different subjects along his journey, laying them out in his own website, InfoWars, or through live rants and podcasts of something. Below is a selection of some interesting conspiracy theories of his which involve technological advances which are, well, a bit beyond those which we are used to. You May Also Know: Fungi-based Computers

NASA’s Hidden Mars Colony

In 2017, Alex Jones published a story that NASA space shuttle had been kidnapping children and sending them to Mars in order to become sex slaves. Apparently, they would send them out into space for a 20-year mission, and only then arrive on mars rover. Having spent 20 years on space, they would of course not know how to do kind of qualified work, and maybe not even communicate well with other people of their age, and becoming sex slaves would be the only way that they would be able to survive.

So, it seems that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are very, very late to the party. Because not only has NASA secretly begun a colonization of the Red Planet, complete with a well developed society and economy, and naturally its own secret satanic elite, but it also has the technology to send people out into space for 20 years and then back to mars landing. Alive.

China may as well just cancel its space program because this space race has already been won for a long time now.

Bill Gates’s Eugenics Program

Did you know that IBM is actually the world’s top developer of eugenics technology? Yep, the computer technology stuff is just a front, and they want to create a “world-wide race-based system”, having funded Hitler in order to push that plan forward. Where does Bill Gates fall into all this? He is the company’s “front”. While Bill Gates has infinite money right now, certainly it is IBM the one pulling the strings behind the scene. And apparently, Bill Gates Sr. is also a part of it because he… was on the board of Planned Parenthood?

So, yeah. We’ll have to wait and see how the Gates’ divorce affects this line of research. Who knows. IBM has also been diversifying their portfolio with that AI stuff, so maybe soon we will hear from Jones about how they are planning to replace humanity with highly intelligent robots, or maybe how the Deep State is uploading their consciousness into machines in order to live forever. Many exciting developments may be coming soon!

Weather Warfare

Now, this one is a classic. Everyone has probably heard about the controversies involving the HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. While the American government claims that it is a facility created to study the ionosphere and develop better radio technology, Alex Jones knows it better: it is actually a highly advanced weapon capable of controlling the weather.

That’s right. All of those weirdly-shaped antennae are actually used to send high-energy electromagnetic waves into the upper layers of the atmosphere, and with that create many kinds of “natural” disasters, such as tornadoes and floods. According to Jones, it was this kind of technology that led to massive floods in Texas some years ago, and Obama had used it to create Hurricane Sandy in order to influence the election.

Now, using such advanced technology in order to harm their own population seems a bit counter-productive. Especially considering that, being such an advanced and potent weapon, it could very well be used to turn the tide on the wars the US has been in, such as Afghanistan, and put a dent into Russia’s and China’s economies. I mean, at the very least it could be used to prevent forest fires in California and that awful snowfall in Texas. But, yeah, what do we know, right?

Alex Jones is still going strong, and so is his website, so soon we may be hearing more interesting technological news that are totally true.