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Dot .Crypto Domains

Dot .Crypto Domains

What are Dot .Crypto Domains?

Unstoppable domains is a San-Francisco-based blockchain start-up that tends to replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names. These domains are run by Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains.

 Unstoppable blockchains have unleashed a new service called Dot .Crypto Domains, in collaboration with Cloudflare’s Distributed web infrastructure. This service’s launch has enabled the users to access the blockchain domains from any web browser directly.

How Dot .crypto domains work?

Dot .Crypto Domains work in an effortless and easy way. Unstoppable Domains give users their  Dot .crypto domains that are entirely owned and controlled by the users. Moreover, the users only need to purchase their Dot .Crypto Domains once without paying the host or management fees. The users can enjoy their domains without having to pay subscription fees after the purchase.

How to start monetizing your Dot .Crypto Domains?

You must be trying to figure out the ways by which you can begin monetizing your Dot .Crypto Domains and start earning.

The users can start monetizing their Dot .Crypto Domains by researching and creating a successful marketing strategy.

Some of the ways to begin monetizing your Dot .Crypto Domains are: 

  •   Sublet your blockchain domains to create a good flow of cash.
  •   Create a decentralized website to buy or rent them
  •   You can provide advertising offers on your blockchain domains.
  •   To render premium services on your blockchain, you can also offer membership access to the users.

With the above ways and means, you will avail the best value of your blockchain domains.

 What is the significance of Dot .Crypto Domains?

Dot .Crypto Domains are of paramount significance and come with a plethora of benefits for its users.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of Dot .Crypto Domains are providing go it’s users:  

  • Provides easy access:

Dot .Crypto Domains can be accessed by any web browser and any location through the internet. The users have easy access to their Dot .Crypto Domains web addresses. Previously, a plug-in or a browser with native support was required to view the domain addresses. However, with the launch of the new system, users can enter .crypto addresses just like other domains. For example .com, .net etc. 

  • No Renewal:

Once purchased, the Dot .Crypto Domain does not need any renewal or subscription fees. Once purchased, the domain is yours. It is just a one-off fee service. 

  • Makes Payment convenient:

Users of Dot .Crypto Domains can easily send and receive their cryptocurrency payments without remembering the traditional lengthy and complicated domain addresses. Now, the sender and the receiver only need to be aware of your human-readable domains to transfer and receive payments. 

  • Increases privacy:

According to Unstoppable domains, the new Dot .Crypto Domains provide increased privacy. There’s no interference or involvement of the third-party. The domains and the content shown on the websites are under the control and access of the user. 

  • Increases security:

According to the Unstoppable, the new system is based on a “new model of security.”

The new system provides greater security to the owners. This means the domains are not vulnerable to hacking attacks or other scams.