Cloud Development Solutions

Cloud Development Solutions

Cloud computing has controlled the business technology landscape for many years. Our agency Pixel Earth has spent a long time achieving the art of cloud application development and transferring on-premise systems into the cloud. We will help optimize your existing cloud solutions by uniting infrastructures, regulating out-dated environments, and then updating individual properties.

Cloud App Development

We specialize in creating and organizing cloud applications that are designed to be browser-agnostic and expandable. We combine mobile-first design techniques with impenetrable server-side programming and rich database functionality to create well-functioning and innovative cloud apps, including ERPs, CRMs, and so much more. With our integration services, you can easily allow cloud applications to be deployed in public, private, or hybrid environments.

Cloud Migration Services

We will work diligently with your IT team and manage service providers to transfer applications, workflows, and complete enterprise framework to the cloud with well-thought migration methods that limit system downtime and maintain data integrity. We also provide help in supplying platform and cloud infrastructure refactoring services. When possible, we choose parallel and automated migration methods.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

We integrate your applications and services in the cloud with a hybrid solution on public and private servers. Cloud Development Solutions – structural design is critical for eradicating siloed data and ensuring vital processes, i.e., “communication” with one another. We control enterprise service buses and client-centered framework to reorganize data flows and publish your APIs in the cloud to assist easy third-party integrations.

Application Development Solutions

If you require personalized app development, exclusive service, or even simplification of inner procedures, we have all you need. Our experts know their way around back-end and front-end languages along with database management systems.

Cloud App Containerization

In our cloud services, we also provide app containerization services, conceptualizing operation system kernels so numerous cloud applications can perform steadily without being dependent on the environment. At Pixel Earth, we have a team specializing in Docker containers, enabling cloud development processes, unproblematic remediation, and maximum growth. Still, we can also go for Docker-less containers based on the requirement.

“As-a-Service” Development

At Pixel Earth, we provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, which include CRMs, social media, ERPs, marketing automation, geo-locating services, and document management configurations. We have extensive writing code experience for several Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) build-outs utilizing SAP, Azure, and Oracle for maintaining speed, ease, and reliability.

Cloud Backup Solutions

To protect against catastrophic system failures or data losses, we can create community-based, distributed, inter-cloud, and multi-cloud solutions. We have significant experience providing cloud storage solutions that live on most famous IaaS offerings such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud deployment models deliver coded Cloud-based data storage. At Pixel Earth, we provide business agreement and regulation development for HR, medical and legal software environments using different software such as office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Azure. With the help of CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), we make sure that our Cloud storage solutions and API’s are secured from breaches and harmful data.

Cloud Document Management

We give an end to end encrypted cloud storage solutions and alterations. Our record management solutions incorporate cloud-based data storage using different servers. It means that even if your company went paperless to store, they can easily retrieve and can version documents with the help of e-filing abilities. We govern data for information depositories using cloud document management solutions by Informatica integration.