What Kind Of Computers Are Used At NASA To Explore The Universe?

Computers Used At NASA

Computers Used At NASA While everyone is obsessed with the pictures of the universe taken through NASA’s James Webb Telescope, Only the tech-savvy ask the question: what kind of super-powerful computers does NASA use to explore the universe? At first, one might think it must be massive supercomputers that cost millions, maybe billions, Well, that […]

GaryVee launches NFT Crypto tickets to his next event

GaryVee and The versatile technology of NFT With every passing day, people find new original and innovative applications for the versatile technology that are NFTs. If giving a new meaning to digital asset ownership and pretty much revolutionizing the way we think about digital trust and digital property weren’t enough, it is now clear that […]

How is El Salvador mining Bitcoin with volcanoes?

El Salvador mining Bitcoin

El Salvador mining Bitcoin – Bitcoin, the New Legal Currency in El Salvador About a month ago, the government of El Salvador introduced an economic policy unseen elsewhere in the world: it turned Bitcoin into an official legal currency in the country. Legalisation was only the first step, though, and the country is still transitioning […]

Car-driving technology: will we get self-driving cars soon?

Self-Driving Cars With all the advances in artificial intelligence during the last few years, it was inevitable that one day that technology would be used to bring to life a very convenient feature of science fiction: self-driving cars. While self-driving cars have been researched and tested for decades, only recently did we start to see […]

Meteorite-infused water is being used to create human-alien hybrids

Human-alien Hybrids Human-alien hybrids have been a staple of space-faring science fiction for a long time now. Star Trek, the main pioneer of the genre, already talked a lot about it since the beginning, with its iconic character Spock being himself half-human and half-Vulcan. As the genre expanded, other kinds of half-aliens appeared, not only […]

Augmented Reality NFTs and how Atari founder is behind it

NFTs have been one of the most successful blockchain-powered technologies of the last few years. While Bitcoin is still the main cryptocurrency and becoming a bit of a household name by now, Ethereum has solidified itself as the main environment for blockchain technology and innovation. NFTs are just the tip of the iceberg, and an […]

China is Creating a 1 km Long Spaceship

1 km Long Spaceship

1 km Long Spaceship Biggest In History Yes, you read that right. A 1 km Long Spaceship. If you’re more used to the American imperial units, that’s about 0.6 miles. For comparison, that is bigger than any of the Enterprise ships in Star Trek,  and more than half the size of the classic Star Destroyers […]