Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Development For Personal and Business Use

Blockchain has been worked into industries as diverse as government registries, healthcare, entertainment, intellectual property of photography, Real Estate, gaming and even gambling; All these have continued to accept Blockchain based technology. Pixel Earth delivers tailored Blockchain development services and complete solutions for Blockchain platforms, permissioned ledgers, protocols and more that include the Ethereum Virtual Machine Ripple, Corda, Lisk, Bitcoin and Hyperledger.

Smart Contracts: ‘Shrewd Agreements’ Or ‘Brilliant Agreement Apparatuses’

We program shrewd agreements (Smart Contracts) for Blockchain, providing decentralized web answers for the online business, single account, land ownership, gaming enterprises including a combination of those and a number of other solutions.

We code savvy contracts for enrolling advanced solicitations and licensed innovation, approving protection qualification, producing letters of credit for global exchanges, making Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), and the sky is the limit from there. We likewise create BARA – brilliant agreement review apparatuses(smart contract auditing tools) for guaranteeing information respectability and execution.

Private Hyperledger Blockchain based Business Network Deployments

Summary of required elements: 

  • Scaling blockchain solutions using Kubernates, Raiden Networks, IPFS
  • Developing a Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Develop your own cryptocoin & setup masternode
  • Ethereum Blockchain development
  • Smart Contract & DApps development & Auditing
  • ICO development & Launch
  • Crypto Wallet & Exchange development for Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocoins

Blockchain Mining Infrastructure & Software

Mining Farms incorporate as much engineering as they do programming, from the small single RIG PC based mining equipment based system with its software to the massive hydro/solar powered warehouses with stacked ASIC based systems in the north frozen countries spending more than 1 million euro each month on power consumption cost alone. Our implanted Blockchain engineers program digital money mining PCs intended to improve general record security. By incorporating Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips inside mining equipment and programming twofold round hash confirmation highlights, we quicken exchange checks. We likewise plan excavator execution dashboards, make decentralized organizations for mining pools, and give compressive engineering consultations for mining ranches/farms.

Solutions in Blockchain Technology

We create circulated record innovation, including custom digital forms of money, singular hubs, hash calculations, and designs for public and private Blockchain. Our agreement conventions incorporate Proof of Work, Stake and Concept models, which dispense with twofold spending blunders and the Blockchain Development Services requirement for outdated outsiders. We work to progress decentralized web innovation utilizing Blockchain as an assistance (Blockchain as a service – BaaS) instruments from IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Wallets and Digital Exchanges On The Blockchain

Blockchain wallet applications that run on their own and connect to exchanges or are integrated into exchange platforms for desktops, mobile devices and browsers. We program the ability to trade multiple cryptocurrencies with added Blockchain tokens, auto-creating public and private keys, making online commercial transactions, the unique skillset of being able to combine real-time transactions from FIAT currency purchases with Crypto, taking an interest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and analysing the data history of blocks on the chain. All our Blockchain application improvement arrangements incorporate strong security and encryption measures, including multi-signature declaration.

Cryptocurrency Banking Integrations

Pixel Earth Offer development of Banking Blockchain solutions for banks and business that has the crypto-buying power to engage is such ventures. Our banking Blockchain applications and smart contracts can be used for holding and issuing payments on delivery or configured to release said payments in accordance to a defines set of rules, protections exchanges, financing worldwide exchange, and moving partnered advances. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) conventions including some new advances and developments where laws prohibit some of these activities on a per-country basis.