3D Printing Food

3D printed food and how technology has evolved

What is 3D printed food?

Technology has stepped up the game and we have entered the sci-fi world in reality where 3D printed food has been introduced to us. 

You must be wondering how we print food in 3D texture. 

3D printed foods are a variety of food products that are manufactured by various compound additives and building methods. They make use of 3D food printers that comprise food grade syringes that hold the raw materials and deposit the food in layers by a nozzle. The latest versions of the printer are pre-loaded with recipes. They allow the designers to create and customize their food through  mobiles or computers. The food can vary in colors, textures, flavors and even nutrition according to the requirements of the designer. You may also Know: Religion Uses Technology To Influence and Control

Evolution of technology

The introduction of 3D printed food proves that technology has immensely evolved in all these years and changed the course of the food industry. The inception of technology in the food industry dates back as far as the use of tractors in agriculture. It further evolved with the launch of biotechnology and computer technology. 

Today, 3D printed food is a novel concept, no more confined to the world of sci-fi movies and fantasies. It is already being implemented in the food and healthcare industry and is expected to grow exponentially by 2024. 

 It has not only opened vistas to new innovations but can also deal with the food crisis the world is going through. According to a report analysis from ING, technology helps to produce food more efficiently for increasing world population. The evolution of technology in the food industry means there will be improvised food production and packaging to deal with the current circumstances.

Working of 3D printed food

The 3D food printing technique involves three types of printing which are as follows:

  • Extrusion-based printing

This is a type of 3D printing that extrudes food materials through a heated nozzle with constant pressure layer by layer to create a 3D part. The food materials are usually soft, with a consistency of paste but with low viscosity. 

These materials include:

Mashed potatoes, cheese, jelly, dough, puree, melted chocolates and frosting.  

  • Binder jetting

Binder jetting makes use of powdered form ingredients and partially arranges it into multiple layers to create a 3D food structure. 

The powdered ingredients include:

Flour, baking powder, chocolate powder and sugar. 

  • Inkjet printing:

Inkjet printing deposits a stream of edible material droplets from a thermal head or piezoelectric heads onto the surface. 

This technique is usually used in decorations and of the foods such as:

Candies, cookies, pastries and cakes.

Benefits of 3D printed food

3D printed food comes with its own package of benefits such as:

  • It allows you to customize your food by experimenting with new colours, shapes,  flavors and ingredients.
  • With 3D food printing you can create your own culinary art at a much cheaper rate. 
  • You can plan your diet and add ingredients according to your diet plans and fulfill your nutritional needs. 
  • It mitigates the food wastage and also increases food sustainability. 

 Applications of 3D food printing:

Many industries have already invested in this technology and are eager to work on it.

NASA has collaborated with a Texas company to use 3D food printing technique to increase safety of eating and storage of food in space. 

Hershey’s is also utilizing 3D printing for designing candies. 

A restaurant in Japan, Sushi Singularity has also launched 3D-printed sushi. 

Looking forward, we can anticipate 3D printing food to bring a digital revolution in our food industry and even become a part of our kitchen.  

The Hacker’s Manifesto

The Mentor & the Hacker’s Manifesto.

Key background:

In hacking culture, The Hacker’s Manifesto holds a significant place. It overnight changed the world’s perspective of Hackers and heavily impacted media. One of the first articles that kept a philosophical base of hacking culture. 

The Hacker’s Manifesto, also called The conscience of a Hacker, is a small essay written by a computer security hacker, known by his pseudonym The Mentor. The Mentor was later identified to be Loyd Blankenship. The Mentor belonged to the group of hackers, Legion of Doom. This group was considered one of the most potent and proficient hacking groups. Read more articles: 3D Printing Food

The Mentor was among the successors of the groups. He also served as a member of Ecstasy Elite. The Mentor had been active since the 1970s, not only as a hacker, but as a writer of the most popular writing within the hacker’s world.


The Hacker’s Manifesto was published on 8th January 1986. The essay was written soon after the arrest of The Mentor. The essay was first published in the ezine Phrack. Phrack is an ezine or online magazine which is specially dedicated to hackers. Phrack is considered one of the most eminent and running ezine.

Since the publication of The Conscience of a Hacker in Phrack, it gained popularity. Today, people can access it on various other websites. It is also found on T-shirts and in films. 

Inspiration for writing:

On being questioned about the inspiration for writing his infamous essay, The Hacker’s Manifesto, the author stated that he had read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and was impressed by the revolutionary ideas it exuded.

At another public event, The Mentor talked about his motivation to write after his arrest. He said it built ’empathy’ for his fellow friends who have to encounter similar circumstances. Further, after the release of WarGames, the author felt a growing need to change the hackers’ public perception. Hence, the author chose to write The Hacker’s Manifesto. 

Purpose of the essay:

The essay served some essential purposes for the hacking community. The essay aimed to perform the following purposes:

  • Guideline for hacking community:

The Conscience of a Hacker conveys some essential guidelines to the hacking community, especially beginners and those new to the fields. He has schooled his hacking comrades and explained their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.  

  • The ethical basis for hacking:

It also provides an ethical base for hacking and promotes ethical hacking. Such that may assist in the development of new technologies, or discovering beneficial information. 

  • Positive usage of technology:

The essay also claims that the usage of the technology should not exploit or harm others. Instead, it should widen our perspectives and keep the world free. 


The Hacker’s Manifesto has gained acclaim since its first publication. It is considered a bedrock for the Hacker’s community and describes the philosophies of a Hacker. It grabbed the public eyeballs after its adaptation in various books and movies. 

Initially, it caught media attention in Hackers, a 1995 movie where it was quoted many times. 

The poster of The Hacker’s Manifesto also features in The Social Network, a 2010 movie. The poster was displayed in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard room. 

The Mentor has also read his essay at H2K2, a conference held for Hackers in 2002, where he offered more insight into his essay. 

The Conscience of a Hacker also features in the Autobiography of Edward Snowden called Permanent Record

Nike’s Satan Shoes

Nike using technology to make shoes that uses human blood

As soon as Nike’s Air Max 97 were spotted in Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes, rumors and controversies stirred up, that Nike has used a technology to make shoes that uses human blood. 

If you are curious to know the real story, read on. 

Background details:

Lil Nas X, a 19 years old rapper best known for his massive hit ‘Old Town Road’, is making headlines again. The young rapper collaborated with art collective MSCH, based in New York, to release trendy and contemporary shoes called Satan shoes. Satan shoes are a modified version of Nike’s Air Max 97s. These shoes were released soon after another massive hit, Montero (Call me by your name), that has garnered up to 37 million views on Youtube within a week.  

Satan shoes and human blood controversy

The Satan shoes have a red and black colour combination and follow a devil theme. The shoe has been designed with pentagon charms on each pair and featuring a verse from Bible Luke 10:18 containing a devil reference that reads, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like lightning.” 

Moreover, there were only 666 pairs of shoes made since, according to the Bible, these are the total number of devils. These pairs were quickly sold out, with only 666th pair saved for a giveaway on 1st April.

The controversy gained momentum when The New York’s times reported that the shoes also contained 2.03 ounces of blood inside the soles. The members of MSCH donated the blood. 

One of the founders of MSCH, Daniel Greenberg, clarified that the drop of blood was mixed with ink and was filled in the air bubble of Nike’s Air Max 97. He also said it didn’t involve any medical professionals.

Legal Action by Nike:

Soon after the controversy surfaced, Nike disapproved of the shoes’ design and release, stating that the shoes were released without Nike’s permission and approval. It further recapitulated that It has no involvement in the making of the shoes with human blood. It also iterated that it has no connections with Lil Nas X or MSCH. 

Furthermore, Nike took legal action and filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against MSCH with New York’s federal court to stop selling more shoes.

Nike feared the dilution of its trademark, hence chose to file a case.

Following this, MSCH declared, it won’t harm or damage Nike because the manufacture of the shoes has already stopped. It also mentioned that the Satan shoe buyers are already aware MSCH collaborated with Lil Nas X, and Nike has no involvement in the manufacture of shoes. MSCH also claimed that the shoes were a work of art.

MSCH further complained that Nike did not protest or file a case when MSCH introduced Jesus shoes in 2019, containing holy water.

Despite the lawsuit, MSCH hoped to reconcile Nike’s differences and work with them and the court to settle the conflict. 

Final Verdict:

On 1st April, Thursday, the U.S. District Judge Eric Komitee granted Nike’s appeal and placed a temporary restriction on Satan shoes’ sale. Following the court’s order, LIL Nas X announced that the giveaway of the 666th pair is cancelled due to legal rulings on his Twitter. In the interim, the court has ruled in favour of Nike. Currently, the sale of the Satan shoes is halted.

The final verdict cleared the air and we all know Nike has no involvement in the making Satan shoes. However, the halt in sales of Satan shoes didn’t just cause controversies but also caused losses to Lil Nas X and MSCH. 

Interactive VR: Gaming & Beyond

What is Interactive VR?

Virtual Reality is a 3D environment that allows the users to step into a newer realm and get fully immersed. It takes you to a computer-based reality where the real or the fictional worlds are replicated. The user experiences a realistic environment, sounds, feelings, and sensations that physically present them in a non-existent world.

The VR interactive world is a top-notch advancement in the world of technology. It has a broader scope of creating a revolution and impacting our lives positively.

Why choose VR interactive worlds?

The benefits of VR interactive worlds go beyond the gaming experiences. Let’s take a quick look at the following features why we should choose Virtual Reality Interactive worlds:

  •   It allows you to interact with friends through gaming locally and globally by using the VR interactive worlds.
  •   It exhibits a myriad of new content and gaming genres.
  •   It exhibits innovative VR designs, appealing and impressive visuals, and binaural audio.
  •   Coach experts can also use it to train players efficiently as virtual Reality allows a more excellent range of movement and freedom.
  •   It also increases learning and takes hands-on learning to the next level.
  •   It is cost-friendly and cost-effective. Users can virtually test things without investing in real objects.


Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that is doing wonders in various fields around the globe. Its applications have a wide range and have opened up a new world for us.

Here are some of the applications of VR interactive worlds mentioned:

The most significant scope of virtual interactive worlds is in the field of Game Development. Virtual Reality is gaining momentum as gaming is becoming a vogue. VR tools are extensively used to create a new realm for gamers to experience real-life action, movement, and freedom. Gaming through virtual Reality interactive worlds allows the gamers to interact with their characters and compete with friends globally. SONY Playstation VR and Oculus are great examples. If Chainlink continues to expand exponentially, it will still be around 50 years. Read more articles: Ethical Hacking

  • Entertainment

VR interactive worlds have significantly been used for entertainment and recreational purposes. It has been applied in 3D simulators, cinemas, and theme parks to create significant visual impact.

  • Architecture

VR is also massively used in Architectural engineering. VR tools are being used to help architects design the models and manipulate them in all three dimensions.

By using software like CAD, users can design and work on their models in a virtual environment.

  • Medical and Education

Virtual Reality is also essential in the medical field and Education. Students can effectively and efficiently learn about complex surgical operations through VR.

Mental health patients are also finding it very helpful, especially in treating Alzheimer’s patients. There are specific Virtual Reality Exposure therapies that are used to treat anxiety and PTSD.  Various phobias can also be treated by creating a virtual interactive world for the patients.

  •   Space Centers

In the world of space, the astronauts virtually experience the destination and receive training with virtual interactive worlds. Apollo 11 Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, experienced the Mars destination at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex in 2016.

Crypto Currencies that will last

What crypto tokens will still be around 50 years?

What are crypto tokens?

Crypto tokens are a special type of cryptocurrency representing certain assets or utilities and reside in their existing blockchains. They are generally created, circulated, and sold through the Initial Coin Offering or ICO process for crowdfunding.

Functions Of crypto tokens

Crypto tokens serve multiple purposes in financial transactions. Some of the following functions of crypto tokens involve: 

  •   They are used as transaction units that can also be created using       the Ethereum network that allows a user to create tokens.
  •   They also serve as mediums for developing and creating decentralized apps and smart contracts to operate the various transactions on the blockchain.
  •   They are also used to raise crowdfunding for the development of projects.
  •   Crypto tokens are utilized in the representation of other cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto tokens that will be still around 50 years:

Despite the fact, crypto tokens and cryptocurrencies have always had a wild ride in the market. There are seismic changes. However, with the media attention and recent DOT and LINK subsequent achievements, crypto tokens are climbing high. If you are eager to be a part of this venture and considering investing in crypto tokens, here’s a list of the best crypto tokens that will still be around in 50 years: 

  • Ether

Ether was launched in 2015, and right now, it is the second-largest digital currency by market capitalization. It is a significant transactional token that accelerates operations on Ethereum. Ether also serves as a medium of exchange. Users might opt for exchanging cryptocurrency with ether tokens for Ethereum transactions. For creating and operating decentralized apps on Ethereum, users pay with Ether tokens.

The per token value of Ethereum as recorded in January 2021 was, $1218.58 while the total market capitalization was $138.3 billion.

If more decentralized apps are created using Ethereum and Ether tokens, Ether might become the most prominent digital currency in 50 years. 

  • Polkadot (DOT)

Polka dot tokens can be expected to be still around in 50 years as it has the backup support of the most promising blockchain projects. Polka dot has plans to extend its development programs of various decentralized applications to use the real world. With the establishment of such platforms, Polkadot enables its users to gain complete control over the protocol to share unlimited information. Users can also create their blockchains while using the security options of Polkadot to stay safe.

According to January 2021, Polkadot has a market capitalization of $11.2 billion, and 1 DOT is sold for $12.54. 

If Polkadot protocols and decentralized networks gain momentum, they can make incredible progress in the future. 

  • Chainlink

ChainLink serves as a great communication link between blockchains and other programs that don’t function in blockchain language. In this way, Chainlinks decentralized oracles enable smart contracts to communicate by translating blockchain data to a format that other programs can understand.

Chain Link has also collaborated with Google to allow developers to build applications.

According to January 2021, the market capitalization of Chain Link was $8.6 billion, and one Link has a value of $21.53.

If Chainlink continues to expand exponentially, it will still be around 50 years. Read more articles: Ethical Hacking

Final Verdict:

We have guided you about the top-three crypto tokens that will still be around in 50 years. With more countries accepting crypto tokens soon and more money entering the market, these crypto tokens are set for a bull run.

Crypto Currency Mining

What is crypto currency mining?

Recently, cryptocurrency and bitcoins have gained rapid traction in the Business market and are the town’s talk. You might have heard mining with cryptocurrency many times and must be pondering over what it means.

In digital money, cryptocurrency mining refers to verifying and assembling new transactions on a blockchain. It is usually done by solving long cryptographic equations and earning cryptocurrency with the help of a computer.

How does cryptocurrency mining function?

Experts in the crypto world known as miners are dedicated to solving cryptographic equations and puzzles. They add a new block to a blockchain using a considerable amount of computational powers and GPU.

Miners use encryption to ensure that the block they created is safe to share across the web. Once the block is encrypted and is safely shared, the miners are rewarded with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for their work.

Upon verification of the new blocks, miners can successfully add new chains to the existing blocks.

According to one statistic of June 2020, there are now over 1,000,000 unique miners.

Mining Pools:

Some miners lack the sufficient computational power or the requisite digital pieces of equipment toine a block and earn. Therefore, various Mining Pools have come into being that help the miners to collaborate with them. They share the earnings equally according to the amount of work miners have contributed to finding a block. Mining Pools provide the miners with their computational resources to verify a block further and continue their successful mining for cryptocurrency.

However, mining pools are often criticized over concentrating powers on the mining owners and promoting centralization rather than decentralization.

New in Market:

There are various latest crypto currency-mining options available in the market. Let’s take a look at them:

  •   Mooncoin

Mooncoin is a unique and relatively new crypto-currency mining. According to the records, at every 1.5 minutes, a moon coin block is mined. As of press time, the moon coin was being traded for $0.00000953.

Mooncoin represents one millimeter of the distance between Earth and Moon. Mooncoin can be mined using ASIC. ASIC is a mining rig machine designed to mine a particular cryptocurrency. ASIC is power-consuming but gives the best results when it comes to Mooncoin mining. 

To become a Mooncoin miner, you can install MinerGate from the play store or join a miner pool. To calculate your profits, you can check Mooncoin profitability charts.  You may also know: Historical Spy Cameras

  •   Sweatcoin

 Sweatcoin is a healthcare app that rewards you with sweatcoins on the number of steps you walk. What you have to do is download the app and start walking. You are rewarded with 0.95 sweatcoins for every 1000 steps you take. After earning a sufficient amount of sweatcoins, you can get them exchanged for rewards such as fitness products, restaurant discounts, or holiday vouchers. You can even win exciting prizes like an iPhone or Apple watches etc., for 20,000 sweatcoins. 

Impact on the current crypto climate:

Cryptocurrency mining has recently stirred a controversy that it is highly power consuming and the electricity comes from the pollution of resources. According to a CCAF team survey, people who manage cryptocurrency networks degrade fossil fuels for energy consumption. New cryptocurrency mining like Mooncoin, which uses ASIS- a high power consuming machine can worsen crypto climatic situations.

However, applications like sweatcoin which is relatively less profitable but less energy-consuming as they have not yet become tokenized, perhaps applications such as these that demand success before becoming a crypto currency can improve the crypto climate.

History of Technology & Banking

Advancement of Banking Technology. 

With the advent and advancement of technology, the world has undergone seismic changes. Every sector experienced innovations and progress, and that includes the Banking sector as well. If we look back, the history of technology with banking dates back to signing the first cheque. The history of technology with banking has experienced an evolution in all these years.

Let’s take a brief look at the timeline of the history of technology with Banking to see how the progress we have made in all these years:

Timeline of history of technology with banking:

  • 1871- First Wire Transfer 

In 1871, Western Union introduced the first-ever long-distance money transfer via telegram technology. The wired transfer of money aimed to provide the same convenience as today. The sender could transfer the cash at a telegram office, and using the passcodes, the operator wired the money to send it to the receiver at another location. This service aimed to provide the same convenience as today’s money transfer.

  • 1910- First Cheque

The first usage of the modern-day cheque was recorded in the 11th century in the Middle East. A paper that described and recorded financial dealings. The slips were standardized into cheques by the implementation of routing numbers for global usage by the American Bankers Association.

  • 1950- Introduction Of Credit Cards

A noteworthy success in the history of technology with banking was the introduction of credit cards. The Diners club introduced this, and it was termed as the first universal portable payment solution. This allowed consumers to buy the goods and pay at later dates. You may also know: Historical Spy Cameras

  • 1960- First ATM

 The first ATM was installed by Barcley’s bank in London in 1960. Within two years,  another branch of ATM opened in the US. With the advent of ATMs, customers no longer had to wait for long exhausting hours outside the bank or go to distinct locations for money transactions. 

  • 1960- Introduction Of Computer 

Later in the 1960s, the usage of computers was introduced, the Bank of South Wales purchased its first-ever computer for a sum of 1 million pounds. This further improvised the customer services. The usage of computers accelerated banking procedures and replaced manual processes. This brought about a great digital revolution! 

  • 1983- Step Towards Online Banking

In 1983, the Bank of Scotland facilitated its customers by allowing them to access their banks by television or telephone by connecting them to the Internet. With this, online banking became popular, and tablets were introduced to facilitate the customers even more. By the late 1990s, customers were also introduced with Paypal and p2p Money services. 

  • 2007-Mobile banking

Fast-forwarding to the era of 2000, with the launch of smartphones, a major shift in banking history was Mobile banking. In 2004, the check clearing act for the 21st century was passed through which digital copies of checks could be made and processed electronically. By 2011, Google introduced Google wallet, which allowed online payments through phones. In 2014, Apple also developed its ApplePay. Another advancement was by 2015 when Bank of America introduced fingerprint authentication and touch Id, making it safer to access backs through mobile.

Looking forward:

We have already seen the major changes that occurred in all these years in the history of technology with banking.

With more advancements in technology Cyprus, the banking sector has further facilitated the customers through Mobile apps Cyprus and provided you with statistics about your financial packages and plans.  In the years to come, customers will enjoy more feasible services from the banking sector.

SpaceX Starlink Satellites

How will SpaceX’s starlink change the world?

What is SpaceX’s Starlink?

Starlink is a growing constellation of orbital satellites launched by SpaceX to provide Internet access through satellites. These satellites will comprise thousands of satellites that will operate within Low Earth Orbit. Developmental Programs for launching SpaceX’s Starlink had begun in 2015, while the first test-flights were established in 2018.

Since its inception, SpaceX’s Starlink has launched over 1300 satellites and plans to send 60 more satellites this year. To date, 12000 satellites have been approved by the Federal Communication Commission and International Commission Union. The company aims to launch 42000 satellites by 2027.

Is SpaceX’s Starlink currently available?

Currently, SpaceX’s Starlink is in its initial stages. But it has delivered its services to six countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand. It has rendered its services to more than 10,000 customers globally and began offering pre-orders at $99 for its initial beta services.

You can pre-book your orders, and a SpaceX kit will be delivered to your homes and get started with your private Internet satellite services.

How will SpaceX’s Starlink change the world?

SpaceX’s Starlink has several aims and objectives with which it hopes to change the world and create a positive impact. Here are some of the ways, how SpaceX’s Starlink will change the world:

  • Internet Access to underserved areas

 One of the most critical changes that SpaceX’s Starlink hopes to bring is to render Internet Services to the underserved areas. According to statistics, around 40% of the world population deal with Internet crises and cannot access Internet services in their areas. With SpaceX’s Starlink, under-developed regions of this world can also gain Internet access at an affordable cost! 

  • Speedy Internet without abeyance

 With SpaceX’s Starlink, the internet speed is 40 times faster than our regular Internet. According to an email from SpaceX to Starlink subscribers, the users should expect the internet speed in between 50 to 150 Mbps. However, some users experienced much higher rates. The fastest speed recorded to date is 215 Mbps. 

  • Low latency

 SpaceX’s Starlink satellites lie 60 times closer than other satellites to the earth than the regular satellites. Therefore, the latency of Internet Services is much lower. Therefore, the performance of the Internet is much higher. 

  • Impact on Business

 SpaceX’s Starlink can impact the business on a large scale. With Internet services reaching underserved and underdeveloped regions, business activities can boost up and open job opportunities for people worldwide. 

  • Impact on Space

There are rising concerns of Satellite collisions  due to thousands of Satellites operating in space, resulting in Space debris. There were concerns from NASA’s side as well who feared there might be a hindrance in communication. However, there has been an agreement signed between NASA and SpaceX’s Starlink that they will make sure to keep each other informed of the upcoming launches to avoid collisions and maintain healthy practices in the space to mitigate the environmental risks. 

  • Communication with Mars

With the cash generated by the satellites, SpaceX’s Starlink hopes to fund their Mars plans which involve settlement on Mars. According to their ambitions, they plan to send the first humans on Mars by 2024 and carry out their exploration programs.

SpaceX’s Starlink has miles to go, but it seems that it will massively impact and change the world with its advent and rise.

Dot .Crypto Domains

What are Dot .Crypto Domains?

Unstoppable domains is a San-Francisco-based blockchain start-up that tends to replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names. These domains are run by Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains.

 Unstoppable blockchains have unleashed a new service called Dot .Crypto Domains, in collaboration with Cloudflare’s Distributed web infrastructure. This service’s launch has enabled the users to access the blockchain domains from any web browser directly.

How Dot .crypto domains work?

Dot .Crypto Domains work in an effortless and easy way. Unstoppable Domains give users their  Dot .crypto domains that are entirely owned and controlled by the users. Moreover, the users only need to purchase their Dot .Crypto Domains once without paying the host or management fees. The users can enjoy their domains without having to pay subscription fees after the purchase.

How to start monetizing your Dot .Crypto Domains?

You must be trying to figure out the ways by which you can begin monetizing your Dot .Crypto Domains and start earning.

The users can start monetizing their Dot .Crypto Domains by researching and creating a successful marketing strategy.

Some of the ways to begin monetizing your Dot .Crypto Domains are: 

  •   Sublet your blockchain domains to create a good flow of cash.
  •   Create a decentralized website to buy or rent them
  •   You can provide advertising offers on your blockchain domains.
  •   To render premium services on your blockchain, you can also offer membership access to the users.

With the above ways and means, you will avail the best value of your blockchain domains.

 What is the significance of Dot .Crypto Domains?

Dot .Crypto Domains are of paramount significance and come with a plethora of benefits for its users.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of Dot .Crypto Domains are providing go it’s users:  

  • Provides easy access:

Dot .Crypto Domains can be accessed by any web browser and any location through the internet. The users have easy access to their Dot .Crypto Domains web addresses. Previously, a plug-in or a browser with native support was required to view the domain addresses. However, with the launch of the new system, users can enter .crypto addresses just like other domains. For example .com, .net etc. 

  • No Renewal:

Once purchased, the Dot .Crypto Domain does not need any renewal or subscription fees. Once purchased, the domain is yours. It is just a one-off fee service. 

  • Makes Payment convenient:

Users of Dot .Crypto Domains can easily send and receive their cryptocurrency payments without remembering the traditional lengthy and complicated domain addresses. Now, the sender and the receiver only need to be aware of your human-readable domains to transfer and receive payments. 

  • Increases privacy:

According to Unstoppable domains, the new Dot .Crypto Domains provide increased privacy. There’s no interference or involvement of the third-party. The domains and the content shown on the websites are under the control and access of the user. 

  • Increases security:

According to the Unstoppable, the new system is based on a “new model of security.”

The new system provides greater security to the owners. This means the domains are not vulnerable to hacking attacks or other scams.


What is NFT?

A NFT “Non- Fungible Token” is a unique, not interchangeable item of data referred to as a blockchain. It may represent digital files such as videos, art, audios, and video games. The first form of NFTs were based on Ethereum and introduced in 2015. The rapidly increasing interest in the market for NFTs has caused an increase in speculation, due to an increase in the investors who began trading NFTs in large volumes who had previously speculated on cryptocurrencies.


NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. They are verified through a decentralized program of nodes through a consensus protocol and identified individually. Nevertheless, the NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies as they are “non-fungible”, indivisible, and unique. NFTs are unique as each and every piece of content is connected to a token stored in a smart contract. Only one individual can take ownership of a specific token.


Why are people spending massive sums on NFTs?

People who buy NFTs view their purchase as a medium to support their favorite actors, artists, athletes, and musicians. Although there have been few expensive sales recently, most NFT sales occur at a reasonable price that facilitates creators to make money out of their work. Just as collectors of different products such as baseball cards, antiques etc. NFT collectors hope that their purchase will increase in value and will thus act as a viable investment option.

Key characteristics of NFTs:

Indivisible: NFTs cannot be broken down into smaller constituents unlike bitcoin satoshis. They are thus indivisible and exist as a single item.

Indestructible: Since all NFT data is stored through contracts on the blockchain, each NFT token cannot be replicated, destroyed, or removed. Gamers and collectors have the possession of their NFTs, not the firms that manufacture them. This differs from purchasing items such as music from the iTunes where purchases do not actually have ownership of their purchase, they just own the license to listen to songs.

Verifiable: Another advantage of storing data on the blockchain is the fact that goods such as digital artwork can be linked back to their original manufacturer. This allows authentication of pieces without the requirement of verification by a third party.

Why are NFTs important?

NFTs have modified the areas of gaming and collectibles to a huge extent which is the reason for their popularity among firms and people who use crypto. Due to the introduction of blockchain technology, gamers have become the owners of in-game products and are able to monetize them.

For artists, the ability to sell their artwork digitally to buyers globally without the requirement of a gallery allows them to be cost efficient and maximize their profits from sales. Royalties can also be converted into digital artwork which allows the creator to receive a portion of profits from sales every time their art is purchased by a new person. William Shatner, the famous Captain Kirk from “Star Trek,” launched 90,000 digital cards on the blockchain portraying several pictures of himself. Each card was in the beginning sold for about $1 and now it provides him with royalty income upon every resold.